NHS navigation and partnership working

NHS Navigation and partnership working with Guy' and St Thomas' Education and Events.

As Industry wrestles with the constant changes to the NHS and its structure, we deliver outstanding in-depth education on the NHS constitution and how policy is interpreted and implemented in a foundation trust down to department level.

We provide NHS Navigation programmes with up-to-date knowledge on formulary, procurement, the 10-year plan, NHS strategy and quality improvement work streams. With new medicines devices, and solutions, it’s vital Industry is aware of the impact on services that adoption might have. Much of the content we deliver focuses on the effect on the system and what needs to be done to it before any benefits and efficiencies can be realised. We call this system readiness.

We are also delivering programmes to our clients eager to partner with the NHS, add value and seek alignment with it. Our programmes help clients find ways to move away from traditional, transactional and low-value relationships with NHS customers and toward genuine, valuable partnership-working.

If you are serious about wanting to differentiate yourself and true NHS partnership working, let us know; we want to hear from you.

Example NHS navigation programme

Roche case study