Learning To Lead and Work Productively In Teams, Organisations and Systems 2024

Most organisations find it hard to both get things done effectively and keep everyone stress free and happy. This workshop gives you the clearest understanding possible of why things can go wrong and provides very simple actions that could make things enormously better

Programme overview

Similar problems occur again and again in most organisations. These often involve misunderstandings across organisational, departmental or professional boundaries, which can lead to misdirected energy, stress and burn out, lost opportunities, and dissatisfaction. Usually, the real solutions are to be found at the system level (i.e., not blaming individuals) and are often left undiscovered.

To address this, we are holding the Systems Leadership Learning Lab workshop to explore system management and leadership, and the ways in which this can help to improve our satisfaction, collaborative working, and the overall performance of our organisation.

The workshop is based on the ‘Organisation Workshop’, a model pioneered by Barry Oshry. It will enable you to explore and experience organisational life from different levels and perspectives, whatever your actual position.

We see the workshop as:



The workshop is enormous fun and highly participative/experiential. In the morning we form a new temporary organisation and uncover the underlying dynamics of organisational life. Frameworks are offered to make sense of it and we bring our collective experience of working together to bear on devising new strategies and tactics to be effective together in the afternoon and explore leading in systems.

Who should attend

This workshop is ideal for anyone who feels frustrated at work, in the sense that they want to get things done and need colleagues to co-operate or help out, but you cannot get them to. This can be (in your opinion) because of colleagues above you, peers in other parts of the organisation or other colleagues. Blaming others and feeling ineffective is a good indicator that this workshop is for you.

Draft agenda




Introduction to the day

  • Martin Fischer, Fischer Associates Ltd


Set up of new organisation and allocation of roles

  • Martin Fischer, Fischer Associates Ltd


Simulation: The simulation runs with reflection periods and an initial framework for making sense of what is happening

  • Martin Fischer, Fischer Associates Ltd


Morning break/refreshments


Simulation continues

  • Martin Fischer, Fischer Associates Ltd


Share outcomes

  • Martin Fischer, Fischer Associates Ltd




Frameworks for making sense of the morning

  • Martin Fischer, Fischer Associates Ltd


Afternoon break/refreshments


Vortex leadership framework

  • Daghni Rajasingam, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust


Exercises and application of learning to your own work

  • Martin Fischer, Fischer Associates Ltd


Survey, certificate of attendance and close

How to book

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Systems Leadership Learning Lab past attendee

I know that after 10 years of utilizing The Organization Workshop that the language of this systems model is part of Microsoft’s common management and leadership language, and as such has helped strengthen the community of leaders at Microsoft

John Colburn, Management & Leadership Development, Microsoft
Systems Leadership Learning Lab past attendee

Thank you for a great workshop. I have to say that it was one of the best I have attended (and I have attended many) in its clarity of model, instructional design, and usefulness

Donna Kaye, Associate Director, Human Resource Development Department, UNC Health Care
Systems Leadership Learning Lab past attendee

Thirty of our senior managers attended The Organization Workshop three months ago and they continue to talk about the insights they received. The most powerful message for them seemed to be how to manage the “muddle in the middle”. We’ve seen them become more collaborative and strategic in their alliances. I credit these results to their learning from the workshop.

Alesia Latson, Fidelity Investments