Virtual Prenatal Genetics Short Course 2022

This skills based course is designed to give midwives and other health professionals working in a prenatal testing setting tools to help them to enable patients to access appropriate onwards referral.


Please note

The start date of this course has been rescheduled due to the bank holiday for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday 19 September. The course will now commence on Monday 17 October

Programme overview

Recent technological advances are shaping testing and counselling options in prenatal genetics.

This skills based course is designed to give midwives and other health professionals working in a prenatal testing setting tools to help them to enable patients to access appropriate onwards referral. These include obtaining a family history, identify high risk family histories, approaches to genetic testing, consent taking and counselling skills associated with providing information and results.

The course will provide the background scientific knowledge needed to understand the theory behind the application of genetics in a prenatal setting. The scientific content will be complemented with case based examples and practical exercises to connect the scientific theory to the application in your day to day practice.

Participants will be equipped with the basics of prenatal genetic counselling and managing complex scenarios as well as an update on new technologies. They will also gain skills in taking a family history and assessing when a referral on to clinical genetics is indicated.

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course. CPD confirmation pending.

Who should attend

This course is designed for midwives, sonographers or other healthcare professionals who wish to gain an introduction or update of prenatal genetics.


This course will take place over six half days on Zoom:

Latest agenda

9:30am – 12:30pm

Recognise basic inheritance patterns

Identify relevant family history and draw a family tree

  • Introductions
  • Basic Genetics
  • Genetics and Inheritance Patterns
  • Taking and drawing a family tree
  • Breakout group activity: Drawing a family tree

9:30am – 12:45pm

Demonstrate the knowledge and communication skills to obtain informed consent for genetic testing in a prenatal setting

  • Types of Genetic Tests
  • Case Discussions 1
  • Communication Skills Activity 1
  • Consenting for Genetic Testing
  • Communications Skills Activity 2

9:30am – 12:45pm

Compare types of genetic tests and recognise the situations that they might be used in

  • Types of tests and Results to expect
  • Non-invasive pre-natal testing introduction
  • Case Discussion 2
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing
  • Communication Skills Activity 3

9:30am – 12:20pm

Discuss tools and procedures used to diagnose genetic conditions during or following pregnancy

Compare and contrast the role of different healthcare professionals in the prenatal setting

  • Scan Findings and Genetics
  • Invasive testing
  • Post-natal testing
  • Mock Genetic Counsellor Appointment
  • Case Discussions 3

9:30am – 12:30pm

Demonstrate the use of knowledge about genetic testing gained to discuss a patient’s pathway involving genetic testing in pregnancy

  • Introduction of Complex Case (step 1)
  • Complex Case (Step 2)
  • Complex case: Prenatal testing decision (Step 3)
  • Discussion about the complex case as a whole: what worked what didn’t work?
  • Impact of a Genetic Condition

9:30am – 12:30pm

Recognise the emotions that a patient undergoing genetic testing in a prenatal setting may experience and when further support might be needed

Recall how to refer to clinical genetics services and what information is useful to include in the referral

  • Emotional aspects of high risk cases
  • Resource and Signposting
  • Referring to Clinical Genetics
  • Communication Skills Exercise 4
  • FMU Midwife experience and Q&A

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Prenatal Genetics course attendee

A very valuable course for anyone working in fetal medicine

Prenatal Genetics course attendee

Thank you for such an educational and informative course. It has been so useful in my new role as an FMU midwife

Prenatal Genetics course attendee

A really robust course, enjoyed all the case studies as brought the various scenarios to life