Cardiology Visiting Professional Programme

Dr Ronak Rajani, consultant cardiologist, discusses the benefits of attending the Cardiology Visiting Professional Programme

Dr Ronak Rajani, consultant cardiologist

The Cardiology department at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital has the full spectrum of cardiac facilities for treating patients with both simple and complex cardiac conditions.

We have a world renowned leading structural heart intervention programme along with clinical electrophysiologists who are at the forefront of academic science, internationally.

Visiting Professionals who visit Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital will be able to witness the core values of the National Health Service.

We’re able to offer a whole spectrum of cardiovascular experiences starting from clinical skills and ranging to complex structural interventions, interventional cardiology, heart failure, inherited cardiac conditions and also complex pacemakers and devices.

Participants who visit our programme will have a bespoke programme made for them which will be tailor made to each individual who is visiting our department.

And by doing this we’re able to make sure that the learning objectives for each visiting professional will be met.

We also offer a friendly working environment with regular supervisor meetings to ensure that all of our visitors make sure that they can maximise their experience whilst with us.

Come and join us and see the NHS at work, at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.

We endeavour to offer you a fantastic experience during your time with us and hope to expose you to the whole array of different cardiac conditions and cardiac services that we’re able to offer.

Come and join us at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and witness the NHS at work, with also access to state of the art cardiac technologies in a dedicated programme made especially just for you.