Testimonials from Visiting Professional Programme attendees

“Whilst I know I cannot change the system, I can change my outlook and approach to my patients. I can be a better doctor after this experience because I have seen how much compassion the doctors have here and are willing and able to answer any questions their patients have. Patients are very lucky here, as the doctors are excellent and care deeply.”

Doctor from China, 12 weeks placement in the ACU.  Read the full case study here

“The experience was great and I learnt a lot as the skill set was completely new to me. What makes Lane Fox really strong and the experience really good is the team and how they work together. It’s very rewarding when you work with a good team and you’re part of that team helping to make a positive change.”

Doctor from Singapore, 6 months on the Lane Fox programme

“The Visiting Professional Programme fully reached my expectations and was a very enriching experience for me, and I learned some new things to take back to my country. The clinicians I worked with helped to make my placement a positive experience. The most important thing I have learned is organisation in the challenging room and the prevention of allergies. I also liked the way they prevent and how they teach to use the adrenaline.”

Doctor from Spain, 13 weeks on the Paediatric Allergy programme

“Tracey at AOS,  St. John Kimberly and other staff members of palliative care team in St. Thomas Hospital, and Parveen in community palliative care team were very welcoming and helpful. They made my stay more heart-warming.”

Nurse from South Korea, 4 weeks nursing placement in Oncology, Emergency Department, Phone Triage system

“My time spent here was fantastic and the staff were lovely. I’ve learned a lot from different disciplines. In particular, there is certainly a lot of clinical knowledge and experience and some things we could learn from the Evelina model to implement it back home. I felt that the programme was excellent as a whole and very useful.”

Pharmacist from Hong Kong, Paediatric Pharmacy programme

“I enjoyed the programme very much because it gave me more exposure to specialties in paediatrics than I have access to at my hospital. It gave me experience on how to approach a patient, to taking their history, drop regiments etc. The programme exceeded my expectations because in addition to the clinical knowledge the consultants taught me, they also gave me a very clear perception of the the future of pharmacy and what things a pharmacist needs to do to the paediatric patients.”

Pharmacist from Hong Kong, Paediatric Pharmacy programme

“I found my attachment very helpful in understanding more about obstetric medicine. It was a very good opportunity to attend obstetric medicine clinics, preconception counselling clinics (including cardiology and renal) with the team and to get the chance to join the ward rounds. Attending the clinics gave me the chance to see different types of cases including rare cases and to learn the approach in getting to the diagnosis. I also learnt the importance of team work and how to liaise with other specialties to provide the best quality of care to pregnant women with medical disorders. It was a very interesting rotation and I have enjoyed the learning experience since I started.”

Obstetrics and gynaecology trainee from Oman, 4 month observership on Obstetric Medicine programme

“As a clinical observer in obstetric medicine I had the opportunity of witnessing the management of a wide variety of complex maternal medicine patients. The high standard of clinical care and unique expertise of the obstetricians and obstetric physicians has inspired me. I aim to use my experience to help improve maternal care in my home country.”

Trainee physician from Portugal, 6 month observership on Obstetric Medicine programme

“The experience has been very good, the midwives have been very helpful and friendly. I enjoyed seeing the case load team in the local community as the midwives see the patient process through a 6 week time period which is something which does not exist in Cyprus. The home visits were definitely a highlight for me as they are so unique to me.”

Nurse from Cyprus, 2 weeks nursing placement in Community Midwifery

“I’m very proud to have undetaken this placement at St Thomas’.  My knowledge in allergy was about 20% before and now I’m reaching more than 80 – 90%. I learnt a lot from my colleagues; they changed my mind in how to choose a diagnosis and how to treat different cases. I think now I’m very strong in allergy because I engaged a lot in difficult cases. Everything is organised and prepared the style of clinic made me comfortable with the patient and able to diagnose the patient. I definitely inherited a lot of skills from St Thomas’ as now I know how to handle some difficult cases, including psychological cases which are impacted by the disease. Learning how to handle the psychological cases changed my life and my approach and I will take that back to my clinic. I learnt a lot from the research and how to do the research to find the answer,  if we do more research at our clinic this will really change our clinic.”

Doctor from Saudi Arabia, 1 year fellowship in Allergy & Asthma

“The placement exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be a small, simple allergy clinic, but I discovered a great number of activities. We met a lot of patients with the clinicians and the experience was wonderful. It created more spaces in my mind, more thoughts – it expanded my mind. I’m going to arrange our allergy clinic at home by separating it, I will ask for a dietitian and asthma kits. I will teach the nurses more, back home they only coordinate patients and arrange files – here they do everything, you have trained nurses that act like doctors. They do skin tests! Back home they do not do skin tests. Every day I came in I learned new things. It was very rewarding.”

Doctor from Kuwait, 1 year fellowship in Allergy & Asthma