POPS, Ageing and Health

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust POPS (Perioperative medicine for Older People Undergoing Surgery) Visiting Professional Programme (VPP) is designed to provide international visiting professionals with the opportunity to experience and learn from the award winning service. POPS was the first such service and started in 2003. It has rapidly become an essential clinical service and is now embedded into routine care. POPS is recognised nationally and internationally as a quality, innovative and clinically effective service and is cited as providing a gold standard of care.

The POPS team co-manage older, complex patients undergoing either elective or emergency surgery across all surgical subspecialties at GSTT.

  • Preoperatively, we assess patients and optimise medical, functional, psychological and social status, with the aim of reducing risk and severity of postoperative complications and ensuring a safe and effective discharge from hospital. This input is tailored to the outpatient setting for elective patients and to the time available in emergency admissions.
  • Postoperatively, we provide a geriatric/surgical co-management service. This service is for both elective patients and also for emergency admissions. The team provide hands on medical input for acute medical complications and advise on long term conditions management, direct rehabilitation and ensure safe, effective discharge.

The POPS team have an active national and international education and training programme for doctors at all grades and allied health professionals (including eLearning modules, annual conferences, curricula and capability frameworks).

POPS contributes to local and national research and QI studies through collaboration across disciplines and specialties.

Our Visiting Professional Programme is a unique development experience that allows visitors to observe our team across clinical settings. The attachment will be tailored to the learning needs of the observer and can either broad and generic or highly specific.

  • Alongside the POPS Team, we can also offer an opportunity to experience the wider Ageing and Health Service.
  • This can be provided as part of your POPS timetable, or as a separate programme.

We are dedicated to broadening international professionals’ clinical expertise and enabling them to observe new skills that can be transferred back to their work place.

Download the POPS VPP brochure here (PDF 996KB)

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Overall programme aims

The programme is aimed at those who wish to extend their experience within a perioperative medicine service and who wish to gain an understanding of the way this is practiced and organised within the NHS and how it integrates with patient care pathways. The programme aims to include:

  • Direct experience and exposure to outpatient comprehensive geriatric assessment and optimisation of elective surgical patients
  • Direct experience and exposure to inpatient management of the older adult post operatively and pre operatively for emergency admissions
  • Observation of POPS delivered multi-disciplinary meetings and inpatient board rounds
  • Attendance at POPS in-house teaching sessions and clinical governance meetings
  • The opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with consultants, nurse specialists and allied health professionals
  • Exposure to the wider Ageing and Health department, including inpatient wards, frailty unit in the Emergency Department, speciality clinics (memory, falls, heart failure, movement disorders, bladder and bowel, oncology) and community based working (care home support team, @home, continuing care home, Amputee Rehabilitation Unit)
  • Gaining experience through observing one of the largest teaching hospitals in Central London providing invaluable insights into the workings of the NHS

Download the POPS VPP brochure here (PDF 996KB)

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