Visiting Professional Programme – Clinical Genetics

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Genetics Visiting Professional Programme (VPP) is designed to provide international visiting professionals with the opportunity to experience our highly acclaimed genetics department first hand. The programme is a unique chance to be fully integrated within a genetics service which is at the forefront of clinical activity, training and research; regional genetics clinics offer services to diagnose and assess the risk of families inheriting a genetic condition; the genetic counselling service involves explanation and risk assessment with any available options for family members, the genetics clinic is part of the Division of Medical and Molecular Genetics at King’s College London and we also take part in the 10,000 Genomes Project which focuses on cancer and rare diseases.

Our Genetics department is divided into a range of specialist or multidisciplinary services and clinics including: Bardet Biedl Syndrome, BRCA family services, Breast cancer risk assessment, Connective tissue disorder, Dermatology (cancer), Dermatology (general), Endocrine, Eye genetics, Fetal cardiology, Fetal medicine unit (FMU), Sickle cell and thalassaemia, Haemophilia genetics, Huntington’s disease, Inherited Cardiac Conditions, Metabolic, Myotonic dystrophy, Neurofibromatosis (NF1 and NF2), Paediatric neurology/genetics, Pre-implanation genetic diagnosis (PGD), Pre-natal diagnostic service, Rapid access, Skeletal dysplasia, Tay Sachs, Von Hippel Lindau (VHL) and Xeroderma Pigmentosa (XP). We offer specialised visiting professional programmes within all of our services for those that wish to hone their expertise in a subspecialty area of interest in genetics. Alternatively visitors may apply to rotate throughout our genetics department and we even offer the opportunity for visitors to gain professional certification depending of the duration of their stay.

The programmes are designed by our clinical leads to provide unique development experiences which enable visiting professionals to broaden their clinical expertise and learn new skills that can be transferred back to their work place. We are excited to deliver exclusive access to observe and work alongside our renowned genomics faculty and to provide an opportunity for international professionals to gain insight into our Trust and the role that genetics consultants play within the NHS.

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Programme aims

The programme is aimed at those who wish extend their clinical expertise in genetics, and who wish to learn more about the treatment pathways and specialist technology within Guy’ and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

The programme aims to include:

  • Direct experience and exposure to outpatient based services through our 27 specialist and multidisciplinary genetics clinics
  • Participation in multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Access to monthly lectures and internally organised courses
  • Involvement in genetic counselling including diagnosis, testing and counselling with family members on risk assessments and available options (attachments only)
  • Opportunities to receive bespoke training from our expert clinicians and to gain a professional certification
  • The opportunity to create networks and close links for future learning and development through peer mentorship from junior and senior doctors
  • Support of a small project/audit with an intention of presenting in international meetings or for publication
  • Access to and the chance to actively contribute to clinical research with the Division of Medical and Molecular Genetics at King’s College London
  • Experience of the NHS and working in a genetics centre with advanced clinical and technical expertise amongst an internationally renowned faculty of experts.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to visitors upon the end of their programme.

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