Visiting Professional Programme – Bladder Cancer Care

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is introducing a Mini Nursing Fellowship in Bladder Cancer Care. This one week intensive nursing fellowship in bladder cancer care is located at a high-volume tertiary referral bladder cancer service in London. It offers a unique opportunity for the nurse fellow to observe and enhance their knowledge in specialist urological and bladder cancer nursing skills within a multidisciplinary and clinically diverse environment.

The aim of the fellowship is to provide a supervised learning environment and professional development opportunities within our busy tertiary referral bladder cancer practice. Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust manages over 500 bladder cancer patients each year and offers a holistic bladder cancer practice spanning non-muscle invasive disease, muscle invasive disease and patients with metastatic disease requiring palliation. Services offered include a dedicated one-stop service, nurse led flexible cystoscopy, intravesical therapies including Mitomycin-C (passive and electromotive) and BCG administration, open and robotic cystectomy, continent and incontinent urinary diversion techniques, radiation oncology, medical oncology, psychology, enhanced recovery pathways, clinical trials delivery and more.

As part of the mini-fellowship programme, you will be welcomed and accepted as a part of the specialist nursing team and will be able to observe the interactions of a multidisciplinary team managing bladder cancer patients on a day-to day basis. Please note that fellowships can be tailored to individual learning requirements, interests and needs.

It is encouraged that following your fellowship period, in addition to learning from our service, you share your knowledge with us so we may learn from you. We encourage you to remain in contact as part of a wider specialist bladder cancer nurse community and would like you to relay your experiences or changes implemented following your return to your host institution.

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Overall programme aims

We will ask visiting professionals to outline specific learning objectives and we will aim to tailor the fellowship to meet these, including observation and active participation in the multitude of nurse led services, clinics and procedures.

Opportunities include:

  • Observation of urological surgical procedures including endoscopic, laparoscopic, robot-assisted and opencases
  • General outpatient/One Stop Clinics
  • Specialist Bladder Cancer Clinic/Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma MDT and Clinic
  • Nurse Led Flexible Cystoscopy Clinic
  • Nurse Led Intravesical Treatment Clinics
  • Patient Focus Groups and Educational Sessions
  • Radiation Therapy and Radiology Practice
  • Systemic Chemotherapy/immunotherapy
  • Functional Urology Including urodynamics, Botulinum toxin injection sessions and Incontinence Clinics (if required – will be made available)
  • Sexual health and post cystoprostatectomy/prostatectomy erectile dysfunction clinics
  • Proactive Care of Older People (POPS)
  • Stoma input with patients
  • Dimbleby service at Guy’s
  • Clinical Trial / Research Support Services

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