Paediatric Allergy VPP video transcript

The paediatric department here is the largest in the UK

so we can offer a really wide breadth of experience for the people that come to visit.

We see about 7,000 patients each year in our outpatient department

and that’s in general pediatric allergy clinics as well as joint clinics with

our colleagues from respiratory ENT and gastroenterology and also

dermatology. But we also have over 2,000 day cases each year and that covers food

challenges and drug challenges as well as immunotherapy including venom and pollen

and some of the animal danders.

In paediatric allergy we’re very closely linked with the

pediatric allergy research. A lot of the clinicians that work in research also

work on the clinical side so we have a good understanding of what is

going on. We’ve got several research projects

going on at the moment which visiting professionals would be welcome to

observe, and occasionally they can also get involved in these projects with

small side projects.

So we’ve got peanut immunotherapy studies ongoing

as well as studies looking at different diagnostic techniques such as the basal activation test.

So visiting professionals will gain a vast

breadth of experience of paediatric allergy if they come here.

They’ll see how we manage these conditions in the UK which can often be

somewhat different to how it’s managed in either America or in Europe

so I think it’s very useful for people to get an understanding of how

conditions are managed in different countries and actually we often will

learn from our visiting professionals as well, so

it’s a two-way process and it’s useful for us as well.