NHS Insights

We are proactively engaging with the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry and keen to share and diffuse NHS insights post-COVID19 swiftly at an organisational level.

We are offering bespoke 90 min live webinars across a range of therapy areas including oncology, respiratory and HIV.

The goal of the webinars:

To support industries, commercial and medical teams to establish how the environment has changed post-COVID19 outbreak. What has COVID19 been like for HCPs and patients? What changes is the outbreak driving? This will inform the approach industry should take engaging with HCPs moving forward.

Other themes that will be discussed include:

  • What does the future of service-provision look like?
  • How does industry need to adapt?
  • What services are standing back up and how are they doing it?
  • What does innovation look like in the new environment?

We will also dedicate time to look at the impact relating specifically to a company’s portfolio.

The content is slide-light and conversational, as we find this more valuable and can help overcome approval barriers also. There is a nominal cost to cover the preparation and delivery time and admin. Any monies left over are reinvested into the department for the benefit of patients.

If you are keen to learn more, then please contact:

Adam Crowe (B.A.Hons, ACIM, ABPI)
[email protected]
07769 300666

We hope you join us in this collaboration.