Autism 24/7 – Domains and dimensions: towards trans-diagnostic interventions

Dates: 24 – 25 February 2022*

Venue: Online course

*the course will run over two half day afternoons

Download the draft agenda here (PDF 645KB)

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This event is kindly supported by Flynn Pharma, who had no input into the content and agenda

Programme overview

Families of children and young people (CYP) with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, face enormous challenges, with difficulties in sleep, and day time behaviour cited as priority areas for intervention. Access to services is inequitable and pressures are increasing on clinicians and care givers.

This virtual course will focus on personalised care for sleep disorders and behaviours which challenge, in CYP with neurodisability, and will cover how to develop high level care for children with needs in your local services. We will focus on building links within networks and reflect on the impact of the pandemic on those working in these areas.


The course will cover recent updates and include discussions on:

  • the importance of multidisciplinary networks including health, education and social care around these children and families to improve quality of care
  • behavioural management of the range of daytime behaviour and sleep challenges often encountered by children with any neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism
  • the potential and the pitfalls of medications to manage sleep disorders, psychiatric disorders and behaviours that challenge
  • the specific challenges of continuities of care in relationship to COVID-19 and planning for the future

It will also include experts by experience – hearing from the children and young people and their carers.

Download the draft agenda here (PDF 645KB)

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