Anaesthetics VPP video transcript

I’ve learned a lot of about anaesthesia and how

different things can work in a different departments.

It’s quite nice because you know anaesthesia can be

done in many different ways and then you have the experience

to expand the way the people do it and having

in touch with expert professionals even with great names here in UK it’s

been really nice.

So in Brazil it’s quite short period of time

training, it’s just three years, and then

when I finished I was wondering what to do next. I

thought could be a nice opportunity to expand my knowledge

and maybe learning more. So then I decided to come

to UK because I heard a lot of good stuff and they have a lot of publishing

and studies, research here, so many things

happening, and they have a really nice training

programme. So then I felt could be a nice opportunity to come.

I mean, I had one friend, close friend, she had

done a programme here. She quite strongly recommend me

and she said good things and then I started my

searching about these hospitals and this Trust and I found

really good articles and recommendations in general.

[You] definitely should come it’s amazing experience

everybody is really friendly. I have been learning a lot since I arrived.

I mean, it’s the biggest and the most important

experience in my whole professional career. Oh maybe I should

say life changing, expanding my knowledge and my skills and

opportunity to learn about culture in general.