Resilient Leadership: A Simulation Workshop

Date: 12 February 2018

Venue: Education Centre, 75 – 79 York Road, London, SE1 7NJ, UK

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Programme overview

Would you like to improve your leadership skills?

Would you like to be more effective within your teams?

Do you find the pace of change relentless?

Would you like to be more aware of your personal resilience?

This unique simulation workshop will enable you to improve all of the above.

The Powerlab simulation will explore the system of management and leadership, improving your satisfaction, collaborative working, and the overall performance of your teams within the organisation.

Participation at the workshop will enable you to:

  • learn more about how to develop and lead energised, effective and powerful teams
    produce better results for yourself and your team
  • learn how to identify the predictable, harmful patterns that frequently occur in teams and organisations and how to address them
  • discover how to focus on the way people deal with the systemic conditions they face in the current NHS
  • learn how to work more effectively with people at all levels and positions
  • find out how to experience less stress while making a greater contribution

We will then use the VORTEX framework of clinical leadership to understand more about our stress drivers and to enable us to increase our resilience.

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